Brockenbrough offers design services for all kinds of water and wastewater systems, including water treatment, water storage, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment, wastewater pump stations, gravity sewers and force mains. Design services also cover other utilities such as natural gas, electrical power, and telecommunications systems. Each plan is carefully designed to meet both construction and regulatory requirements. Brockenbrough’s broad experience provides the skills necessary to face any challenge that may occur during the design and construction process.

An essential part of every development project is the planning for adequate water and wastewater utility systems. Planning determines whether the project can access existing systems or whether new ones must be developed. For water distribution, Brockenbrough provides water network modeling calculations to determine the adequacy of existing and new water systems for fire and domestic uses. For sanitary sewer systems, work includes concept planning to determine the extent of needed sewer collection, pumping and treatment systems.

The design of water distribution systems not only implies the use of water lines, but also addresses how those water lines interact with water source development and water storage facilities. For over 50 years Brockenbrough has been involved in water distribution, and the firm continues to update design techniques and tools to meet the current demands of today’s utility owners. Employees working in civil engineering are trained and experienced in the latest design techniques and the appropriate use of materials for water systems.

At Brockenbrough, tank inspections and design repairs for existing water storage tanks are provided as well as the design and construction of new tanks. Experience includes design of elevated storage tanks in the 100,000-gallon to 2-million gallon range for larger communities, hydropneumatic systems with ground level storage and pressurization tanks for small communities and educational facilities, and welded-steel ground level storage tanks with fire pumping systems for industrial fire protection needs.

Brockenbrough’s experience includes the construction of water booster pump stations to increase water flow and pressures to new and existing development areas. The firm provides design for a complete range of system components including computerized controls and backup emergency power generating systems. For sewage collection systems, experience includes the design of small- to medium-size wastewater pump stations, meeting the latest environmental regulations and state of the art equipment.

Brockenbrough has designed numerous well systems needed for safe drinking water and fire protection where connection to a public utility system was not feasible. Well system design includes determination of location(s) and production capacity of wells, design of pumping systems, storage and pressure tanks, treatment and filtration systems, associated distribution systems, and building enclosures. Designs meet safe drinking water standards from the local, state and federal regulations.

Brockenbrough has experience in wastewater treatment design for expansion and renovation of treatment facilities as well as the planning and construction of new facilities. Planning for wastewater treatment facilities involves coordination with regulatory agencies for developing necessary environmental permits, while design includes primary, secondary and tertiary components. Additional pieces include computerized flow metering, system controls, remote alarm monitoring, and emergency power generators.  Brockenbrough also has experience in industrial waste with reduction of organic and chemical pollutants using chemical neutralization, chemical precipitation, advanced biological treatment, and other physical and chemical separation methods.

Oftentimes the design of sanitary sewers is as much an art as it is a science. Where the sewer is located, the existing topographic and environmental conditions and the capacity of the receiving facilities must all be considered when designing a sanitary sewer collection system. Engineers at Brockenbrough have the experience and technical understanding to optimize even the smallest sanitary sewer project. They are fully aware of the relationship of a sanitary sewer collection system to buildings, facilities and developments.

Brockenbrough has experience with fire protection systems including the design of NFPA-rated fire pumps, water storage tanks, water piping network, backflow prevention, detector check valve vaults with fire department connections, and fire alarm systems. The engineering design of the pumping and water distribution system is modeled using computer-assisted water network analysis programs to accurately size the entire fire protection system.



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